Roosevelt DLC Drip Tip


Roosevelt is a collaboration between Vape Fam’ and Centenary Mods. It’s orinally thinked up by Cyril, we just added a couple tweaks to enhance his unique eccentric design and match it with the aesthetic of our drip tip line. Its simplicity is the fundament of its beauty. The thin tube makes a coherent union between our classic rounded base and the interchangeable head of the drip. A couple extra-small fillets prevent the finish from being too sharp, giving it a soft yet well-contrasted presence.

After release the stainless steel version, we both Cyril and me agree to make a DLC version. For those who don’t know about this special treatment, basically has three main characteristics: Turns the steel black, makes it extremely resistant to scratches and non-conductive.

Installed orings are made of NBR70, for a medium stiff tolerance. We also included VMQ60 orings for a softer tolerance.

We made Kennedy both polished and brushed finish, like the stainless steel version, with 3 different tip heads (SS, ULTEM® and white) so you were able to match them properly with any box or atty. They feature also a deep engraving with their name in the bottom of the 510 attachment to pay justice to the his luxurious design.

Height without 510 connector: 18mm.
Inner bore: 4.1mm.
Materials: SS316L with DLC treatment, ULTEM®, White PET polyester, NBR70, FKM.
Polished or brushed finish.

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