About us

Centenary Mods is a vaping company established in Spain since 2022 specialized in high-end MTL devices. We have been vaping for years, and now it is our time to contribute to the vaping community.

We wish you enjoy vaping like a sommelier enjoys wine. Tasting, exploring and discovering, to have a worth remembering sensory experience.

In order to ensure this we thoroughly test our products as much needed time and we always use high quality materials. Just lean back in your chair and enjoy the moment. We take care of everything else.

The will to create heritage

At the end of summer 2021, near Tabernas Desert in Spain, three gentlemen met in an ancient tavern. They talked about dreams, engineering and possibilities. At that moment Centenary Mods was born and they did not even know it. The team was forged with very clear ideas of what they wanted. Classic designs executed with current methods and fundamentals. In three words: simplicity, performance and tradition. A true experience for real connoisseurs of vaping.