Wybion 18 by Karlson

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Wybion 18 is a full ni80 round rope composed by 6 strands of 3 twisted 0.08mm wires each one, for a total of 18 wires (6x3x0.08) with hollow core.

Suitable for MTL. 5 turns in a 3mm ID results in a resistance of about 1ohm. Confortable vape at 12-15 watts.

1.5m lenght spool (around 20-30 coils depending if you make 4 or 5 wraps in 3mm id). Karlson blade and S-wick tool included as gift.

All the ropes are 100% handmade by Andrey Nadezhdin also known as Karlson.

Karlson invented rope-like structure in 2014. First patters were 3 (Drift Series) and 4 (Drag Series) strands rope with 4 wires per strand.
After a year and a half he managed to increase strands count to 5 (Silent Series) and 6 (Wybion Series). Drift  and Drag ropes were interrupted.
Two years more of hard work allowed him to create 7, 8 and even 20 strands ropes. With this new and more advanced ropes he stopped the production of Silent and Wybion.

These complex strands, made with very thin wires, are delicate to work with, so experience and manual skills are mandatory to achieve good results with them. Also the price is higher due to time required in production. Thats why he bringed back both Silent and Wybion as economy series in a 1.5m spool. Perfect for newbies but also for experienced users who want an easier and cheaper alternative.

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